$5 commissions to get us to Otakon!!

hi guys! so my good friends ashley, sara, and alan are all going to Otakon. we have two tables in the artist alley and it’s going to be super fun!

i just have a small problem:
i need about $50 more to pay for my $400 plane ticket.

now, if i don’t go, my lovely friends don’t get their tables! AND IT’LL BE ALL MY FAULT so everyone is being super kickass and offering commissions for those who donate!

$5 per commission - from any artist below - any characters (though we will probably be better at drawing characters we are familiar with!!)

if you are interested please send the money as a gift through Paypal to jessiepuppy11@aim.com, and put your commission request + tumblr url in the payment note!


* ashley's art

* alan's art:

sara's art:

* my gifs:

(ps i personally wouldn’t mind giving whoever donates even a tiny bit a small doodle U uU)

* ALTERNATELY ashley is also offering more quality $20 commissions!


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    Signal boosting because these are all such cute artists
  3. sophieateher said: i have no idea how paypal works but as soon as i figure it out i will be doing this
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    yo you guys should buy some art from me/my friends so we can get emily to otakon!!
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    SO YOU KNOW HOW I LIKE NEVER DO COMMISSIONS?? now is your chance!! if you pay tonight i’ll finish before I crash,...
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